The cultivation and consumption of the maca root (lepidium meyenii) dates back to more than 3000 years ago. The BOMBON plateau, bordering lake Chinchaycocha in the glorious flatlands of Junín, is where Perú consolidated its independence from Spain. This powerful super nutritious root grows at more than 12,500ft above sea level on the foot of these ancient and sacred mountains.

When the Spaniards conquered the Inca Empire, they did so, because of the existing political crisis between Huascar and Atahualpa, and also other factors like their strong and agile horses, the forceful power of the sword, and of course, their ambition for gold.

After a time, these Spaniards and their horses, had difficulties in adapting and reproducing in the Highlands. The ancestral knowledge of the native warriors, known as the “ Pumpush” (where the BOMBOM plateau’s name originates, ) led to the use of the Maca root in the diet of these quadrupeds - Horses, Mules and donkeys.

The results where astounding. The horses adapted and reproduced in these harsh conditions. These natives were then forced to pay Maca as to the Spanish Crown.

As the Maca has adapted to such adverse climatic conditions, to be the cultivated crop that has been able to withstand the frosts, winds and droughts at such high altitudes, it also transmitted these characteristics of strength and rusticity to the animals and humans that consumed it.

The Maca root, has contributed in the adaptation humans and their domesticated animals, to the highlands, where oxygen is scarce and the temperature drops to 15 degrees centigrade below zero. For that, the term adaptogen is used.

Maca favors reproduction, improves digestibility of food, efficiency in the utilization of oxygen, and is highly energetic. These characteristics are of vital importance to creatures living in the highlands. In normal atmospheric conditions these properties make maca a powerful anti-stress, energizing, sexual, reproductive and physical invigorator.

For this Maca, becomes an ideal food for athletes and people with high energy and mental expenditure. This powerful nutrient is now starting to win the markets of Japan, USA, and Europe. Exactly the same thing is applicable to horses in competition, with the advantage that because of the characteristics of their metabolism and digestive tract, they assimilate this food quite easily. The consumption of Maca will soon be globalized like the potato, tomato, maize, peanut, achote, and the many other valuable plants native to Perú and shared with the world.


( 3 kg- aprox, 5 month supply)

( 600 gr - aprox, 1 month supply)

Human Product
To make you feel as
good as your horse!


A pure all natural product  from Perú for maximum physical and reproductive performance  in all types of horses.

Does not contain banned substances

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