To provide the Equestrian community with the most useful solutions for enhancing the lives of horses and riders alike.


Our company was founded by Maggie Batievsky and Octavio Zolezzi. Maggie is a dedicated, professional equestrian for over 30 years. She also works in the field of nutrition for both horses and humans. Octavio is a researcher and scientist involved in alternative health for over 30 years . Their combined experience and continued research make for a powerful team.

They are both firm believers that nature provides us with immeasurable resources often overlooked in today’s modern world. Many communities in Peru, continue to tap into these resources as a source of survival. One such resource is MACA. The incredible qualities of MACA have caused it to be continually used for millennia by these native communities.

Our company, Maca High Power , LLC is the natural outcome of from the values that join the founders who firmly believe that we can provide healthy solutions.
We participate in educational and motivational events dedicated to preserving the values and morals of true horsemanship to new generations of riders.

We give support to the native communities like the Ashaninkas who have shared their ancient knowledge with us, thereby making it possible for us to create the healthful products we now offer you.

A portion of the profit from the sale of our products will be funding the Ashaninka community to preserve their culture and values.


( 3 kg- aprox, 5 month supply)

( 600 gr - aprox, 1 month supply)

Human Product
To make you feel as
good as your horse!


A pure all natural product  from Perú for maximum physical and reproductive performance  in all types of horses.

Does not contain banned substances

Maca High Power LLC

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