Horse Discipline Achievements Video
NICOLAS The surprise of all time Race HIs "Clasico" long distance win
NICOLAS Derby Race Race National Derby Winner
GUMSHOES Concentration and Energy Dressage USET : Panamerican Reserve Team member's Susie Dutta's horse
BULGARI 5 Dressage Young Rider Champion
MARACANA Reloaded Pony Polo Isla Caroll Polo pony
INTERMEZZO Showjumping Showjumping National Champion
GRENDEL Dressage High Level Dressage Veteran
THANI Race A miracle recovery story
Gayus Dressage Veteran refreshed horse
GUAJIRA Dressage and Jumping An astounding recovery

M.Gonzales/ J. Toutin

The surprise of all time
Jorge Toutin also started feeding Nicolas, his 3 year old Maca Horse Power. Nicolas had a very docile and level-headed type temperament. In less than 6 months on it he became a tremendous surprise in long distance and won the 2004 National Derby!

Nicolas rallies to victory in Peru's Clasico Derby Nacional
Nicolas, winner of the    More ...

Jorge Toutin/ M. Gonzales

Nicolas incredible surprise win
He paid 70:1 !   More ...

Susie Dutta

The WEF season, was well under way, when I met Susie Dutta. Susie is a competitive high level Dressage rider/trainer, USET reserve Pan-American team member, and also a dedicated and caring mother to her 5 year old son Timmy.

We learned from Robbie, her assistant, that they had a wonderful warmblood named Gumshoes who was 17 years old and rapidly loosing energy    More ...

Caroline Roffman

Selected for WEG.

Bulgari 5, Caroline´s Grand Prix 13 yr old, had just returned from a long recovery period, and started with MacaHorsePower in February.
-He has been forward and up ever since, and I felt that he is concentrated, and carrying me all the time !! I can really say I feel t   More ...

Carlos Pravaz

Isla Caroll Polo facility
Wellington Florida
"Reloaded" pony.

"In less than 5 days, Maracaná, a polo pony that seemed to be asleep all day, really woke up and is maintaining an excellent competition shape from the MacaHorsePower. I also felt the same effect on me with the MacaHighPower, and I had tried other commercial brands of maca products    More ...

Francisco Rivadeneira

General Francisco Rivadeneira Cockburn

Is considered the most experienced equestrian in Perú. He has been riding horses since age 7 and competing as a Show Jumper for over 50 years. At the age of 63, he continues to compete and win over fences 1.20m (3.94ft.) and 1.40m (4.6ft.)

He was able to do this with Intermezzo a brave 16h Thoroughbred

"I have been abl   More ...

Juan B. Ledgard

"At almost 20 years old, my wonderful Grendel really needed something to make him move like his younger days. I tried MacaHorsePower? for 1 month. Grendel is behaving like a youngster! He has a better disposition, wants to move forward and is playing like a young horse again! Grendel is large and was becoming difficult to move. Now he seems rejuvenated and more   More ...

Jorge Toutin


Jorge Toutín, a trainer for over 60 years, could have won his first Nacional Derby with a horse nobody would have looked at twice

Just by chance he was offered Maca to help his filly Thani who was refusing to eat.
Thani not only regained her appetite and began to gain weight but she started competing and climbing up the scoreboard.   More ...

Coco Peretten

Coco and Gayus REFRESHED
When I met Coco in a fair in a trade fair in Orlando, she told me about her problem with her dear veteran horse Gayus, a very sensitive 28 year old gelding. He had been on a series of different medications and supplements to try to improve his anemic condition, but the side effects of all just would make matters worse for him. She took a   More ...

Maressa and Vanessa Rosales

Hola Maggie,

I don?t know how to thank you for all of your care and concern and for the extraordinary experience of participating at CADI. I have some ideas for future events and will tell you about them another time because the important message here is that everything went so well and the kids were so happy?..

I am writing to bring you up to date abou   More ...


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