MACAHIGHPOWER Is not only Maca.

Our patent pending process along with other natural ingredients creates a synergistic effect, which enhances the beneficial properties of maca. The health benefits of the right mixture of annatto and una de gato add on to its formulation, like it has been used by ancient cultures of Peru.


MACA (EXTRACT) Lepidium meyenii

Maca is a native plant from the Central Andes of Perú. Its root is rich in proteins; minerals such as iodine, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron; vitamins C, E and B complex; fatty acids; fiber and hormonal precursors. These components supply the body with a natural source of nutrients and help maintain hormonal balance. Four alkaloids, Macaina 1, 2, 3 and 4, glucosinolates and isothiocynates found in its components are active ingredients that work as cellular protectors and antimutagenic agents that contribute to its energizing characteristics that maximize stamina. Elements found in maca are: all the essential AMINO ACIDS, apart from tryptophane; MINERALS: calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc; STEROLS: brassicasterol, ergosterol, ergostadienol, campesterol, sitosterol, and stigmasterol; twenty FATTY ACIDS: laric, myristic, palmitic, palmitoleic, linoleic, arachinodic, stearic, behanic, nervonic, lignoceric, tridecanoic, 7-tridecanoic, pentadecanoic, 7-pentadecanoic, heptadecanoic, 9-heptadecanoic, nonadecanoic, 11-nonadecanoic and 15-eicosenoic.

ANNATTO (EXTRACT ) (Achote) Bixa orellana

This ancestral multiuse plant is used as a detoxifying agent and stimulant of the immune system. It is also used as anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing agent due to its content of ishwarano. High in carotenoids and flavonoids, B complex vitamins, pectin, bixin, norboxin, apigenin glucoside, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, among other chemical compounds.

CAT’S CLAW EXTRACT (Uña de Gato) Uncaria tomentosa

Cat's Claw contains six oxindole alkaloids (four of these are known to be effective immune system stimulants) and hosts other beneficial phytochemicals. Studies have suggested that the presence of these compounds might explain the antioxidant, antimicrobial, antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb. Because of the herb's unusual ability to cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive system, it helps correct the nutritional imbalances caused by digestive blockages (stress, etc.) that often put a strain on the organism natural absorption process. A clean digestive tract opens the "nutritional doorway" in the body, so all nutrients may be better absorbed, therefore, reducing health risks.


From a famous special maize variety of Perú very high in anthocyanin. Proven as a potent antioxidant.


Alter a long and carefull study, our technical team has designed an adequate process to enable the optimum assimilation of all of the ingredients contained in maca. For maca to be effective in equines it is important to sun dry it and then grind it and dry it at regulated temperatures. This breaks the long starch chains to proceed ito the hidroalcoholic extraction and atomization, leading to high digestibility of the final product .
A perfect blend of staples and processes ensure the synergy of all ot it´s nutrients and active ingredients that make the quality of Maca Horse Power™

Maggie, Nina and Octavio on a recent trip to meet with our prime maca producers.


( 3 kg- aprox, 5 month supply)

( 600 gr - aprox, 1 month supply)

Human Product
To make you feel as
good as your horse!


A pure all natural product  from Perú for maximum physical and reproductive performance  in all types of horses.

Does not contain banned substances

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